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Specifically, negative effects were seen in detecting and responding correctly to road signs, detecting hazards, time spent with eyes off the road, and (only for sending text messages) lateral position.Mean speed, speed variability, lateral position when receiving text messages, and following distance showed no difference. adults think that text messaging while driving is "distracting, dangerous and should be outlawed".

A simulation study at the Monash University Accident Research Center provided strong evidence that retrieving and, in particular, sending text messages has a detrimental effect on a number of safety-critical driving measures.In terms of stopping distances these times were estimated to mean: On Sept. Transportation Secretary Ray La Hood called the study "completely misleading".29, 2010, the insurance industry’s Highway Loss Data Institute released research purporting to show that texting-while-driving bans in four states failed to reduce crashes and may instead have contributed to an increase in road accidents. In March 2012 the UK's Institute of Advanced Motorists published a study which claimed that using smartphones for social networking while driving is more dangerous than drink-driving or being high on cannabis.In 2010, texting while driving amongst young drivers was named a disease burden and ranked 8th overall in the global years of life lost (YLL).The premature mortality of young drivers who crash as a result of distracted driving has a greater effect on YLL than most diseases do.

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