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But did you know that the app is way more than a platform for funny stickers?

We have compiled a list of some lesser known We Chat functions for you to start taking advantage of right away.

With so many convenience stores, malls and online shopping platforms, have you ever wondered whether you’re getting the best deal? Simply use the a far cry from its actual meaning: "Will you scan me?

" Through We Chat’s wallet function, you can nearly stop carrying cash altogether as most restaurants and stores accept We Chat as a form of payment.

Disclaimer: You'll have to either know a little bit of Chinese or have a friend who can read characters to access this function.

Go to , and you'll be able to select from a wide range of bill types.

You can also edit your own alias in a group chat by tapping the two-person silhouette in the upper right hand corner and scrolling down to For a fun prank, consider changing your name to ‘You were removed from the group.’ It always gets someone!

(Note: if a friend has already chosen an alias for you, then the prank won't work — the alias they've set for you will appear in their group chats).

Some companies also let you scan a code to automatically enter in account details.Citizen Lab, a research group out of the University of Toronto, has for the past several months been analyzing how censorship works on We Chat, an app that is ubiquitous in China with well over 800 million users.While Citizen Lab has found evidence of censorship on We Chat in the past, its new report shows how the content that triggers censors gets updated as the environment of sensitive material evolves.To add We Chat to your web browser, visit com or web.wechat.com, scan the QR code to sign in, and start chatting with your friends and colleagues directly from your computer.You can also download the We Chat desktop application here.

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