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A very special thank you to all who have helped Fraps evolve and improve over the last decade!Fraps 2.9.99 - 16th Oct 2009 - Fixed flickering video capture in Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising - Fixed 30-bit color captures in Eve Online - Fixed mouse cursor not being recorded in Conquer Online - Other minor bug fixes Fraps 2.9.9 - 29th Aug 2009 - Fixed missing audio in Adobe Premiere and Sony Vegas - Fixed benchmarks not being written to benchmark folder - Fixed loading crash when attempting to start Fraps - Fixed stalling/stuttering after first 4 gig AVI segment - Fixed mouse cursor image/transparency corruption - Fixed mouse cursor offset in some applications - Fixed crash when recording above 1920x1200 for some users - Fixed crash after stopping video capture in Windows 2000 - Fixed crash in some Direct X10 applications - Fixed random windows crashes with - Fixed missing systray icon if explorer restarts - Fixed and frapsv64crashes when importing/playing video - Fixed Run Fraps when Windows starts option - Fixed Starcraft stalling during video capture - Fixed limited CPU affinity of main Fraps process - Fixed yellow corruption displayed in Plants vs Zombies - Fixed capture speed of many older DDRAW games Fraps 2.9 adds support for Vista and Direct X 10 games.

For video capture we're happy to announce the removal of resolution restrictions on multi-core systems.We've added a new option to force lossless RGB compression to ensure that you always have the highest quality video output to work with. Fraps 3.0.3 - 21st Nov 2009 - Fixed installer not displaying correctly for some users under Win7 Fraps 3.0.2 - 18th Nov 2009 - Fixed inability to put machine to sleep with Fraps running - Fixed bug preventing people from updating the benchmark timeout value - Fixed problem restoring Fraps window to previous position upon startup - Fixed AUDIODG.EXE consuming large amounts of CPU for some users Fraps 3.0.1 - 8th Nov 2009 - Added minimize to systray option for Win7 users - Fixed video capture frame rate defaulting to 30 fps when Fraps loads Fraps 3.0.0 - 5th Nov 2009 - Direct X 11 support - Compatible with Windows 7 final (RTM) and RC1 versions - Stereoscopic 3D Vision video capture up to 1920x1200 for D3D9 games - Force lossless RGB option to always capture video in pure form - Ability to mix both game sound and external input such as microphone (Vista/Win7 only) Fraps has just turned TEN, version 1.0 being released all the way back on August 25, 1999!There's still an option to split at 4 gigabytes for legacy AVI 1.0 support.Please be aware that the minimum system requirements have changed in Fraps 3.5.0.

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