Watch the first 48 episode 152 online dating

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While awaiting rescue, Al tries to calm the other survivors as they cling to debris in the water.

Craig and Gina let her spend the night in their house. Harris a visit and finds out that Laurie's father has been dead for ten years.Meanwhile, Craig, under pressure from his law firm bosses, must make a decision whether to be a lawyer or lifeguard for the future. Trevor dates a rich woman that is a handful for him to deal with and Mitch worries about upcoming mandatory tests that all lieutenants, including him, must take.Mitch's former wife is planning to move to Ohio and wants to take Hobie with her.An Australian immigrant, Trevor Cole, works as a lifeguard at a local beach club that occupies a patch of the same beach as Baywatch, but alienates Mitch with his arrogant, competitive manner.During a rescue, Mitch urges Trevor to rescue two children that he's closer to, but Trevor instead rescues an attractive woman instead of two boys who were closer to him, and dismisses Mitch's subsequent criticism as soreness on Mitch's part that Trevor "outswam" him.

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